Natalie Choate - Death and Taxes/SECURE: Planning for Retirement

Date: Wednesday, November 11, 2020
Time: 12:00pm - 3:00pm
Location: Webinar
Speaker: Natalie Choate

Date/Time: Wednesday,  November 11, 2020,  12:00 PM Noon


Death and Taxes

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As more retirement plan owners die leaving significant plan benefits to heirs, and the SECURE Act has upended many traditional estate plans the question of how to advise the decedent's survivors, executor, beneficiaries, and trustees grows in importance. This seminar explains:

  • How to correctly title and transfer inherited IRAs and 401(k)s
  • Should the executor complete decedent's rollover and RMDs?
  • What to do if the estate plan was not updated for SECURE
  • Improving the beneficiary designation with separate accounts and partial distributions
  • Cleanup strategies when the decedent named the wrong (or no) beneficiary
  • How to advise the surviving spouse
  • Disclaimers, double deaths, and don't forget the IRD deduction!


SECURE!: Planning for Retirement Benefits

What’s new in planning for retirement benefits in the last year or so? SECURE, SECURE, SECURE! Enacted in December 2019, SECURE has upended estate planning techniques for our clients’ IRAs and other retirement plans. We cover:

  • What to tell new clients about their options for retirement benefits
  • Reviewing existing estate plans—don’t change the document, change the plan!
  • How does the 10-year rule work for individuals? Trusts?
  • The four different sets of minimum distribution rules for the five categories of “eligible designated beneficiaries” who still get the life expectancy payout
  • Alternatives—charitable trusts, Roth conversions, annuities?
  • SECURE effect on pre-2020 deaths
  • RMD age increased to 72 from 70½
  • Plus, new IRS life expectancy tables!


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